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My name is Sean Nank.  I am an educator, Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST) recipient, author, researcher, and consultant.

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My major interests include curriculum theory and practice; learning theories; mathematics education; research methods; high-stakes standardized assessments and the impact on classroom culture; and formative assessments to increase conceptual understanding especially in underrepresented populations.  A shift in STEM education must occur where the dichotomy between conceptual understanding and procedural knowledge is appropriately addressed.  Since assessments largely drive the curricula-in-use, such a change will not occur without fundamentally changing how and why we assess students.  Only then will the USA be able to compete in a global learning community.

My research interests include autobiographical research as a doorway to cultural proficiency; implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS); and mathematics curriculum and instruction, specifically as it relates to the culture of high-stakes standardized assessment, accountability, and student achievement especially as we transition to the Common Core State Standards.  My current research agenda centers on iPads and online formative assessments in STEM classrooms to increase achievement in underrepresented populations as well as Common Core implementation in K-12 settings.

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Sean Nank

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